Where to Get Discount Video Games Online

September is usually the beginning of the video game season. Video games come out throughout the whole year, but from September to the end of the year, the biggest releases come out right before and during the holidays. Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and the latest extension to World of Warcraft all conveniently come out at this time of the year.

As much as you and everyone in the gaming world want to play these game, they usually come at a price and that normal price is usually $59.99. So if you want that game real bad and are willing to wait until a midnight opening to purchase the first copy, be prepared to spend a little of your paycheck on it.

But if you’re like the most of us and have to live on a budget, you can wait a few months until the price these new games come down in price. But if you’re looking for an assortment of deals for different playing consoles, go to a website called Steam. Most gamers call it the “Steam community” or the “Steam gaming community”; It's a place where one can download all types of games.

Steam is a website where you can purchase and download PC games: RPG’s, MMORPG’s, strategy and the usual action, sports and shooting games. You can purchase all the games released by the big name publishers, but they also offer games from lesser known developers and publishers. Much like the Playstation and XBox Live stores, you can download games from independent developers and you'll usually find a "diamond in the rough" among their releases.

The best feature to Steam is the price points available. Usually when one goes shopping for video games they expect a price point ranging from $39.99 to $69.99. But at Steam, you can find deeply engrossing as low $14.99 for a great but unknown card strategy game. It’s a great site to visit and buy a game you know nothing about. And they come cheap so you won’t have any type of buyer’s remorse.

They also have a section to the site dedicated to demos, so if you want to test a game out before buying it, you can do it there. Of course, games come down in price and sometimes on Steam, they come out for free. They have subscription newsletter keeping their members aware of price drops and if games become free. The Steam community is a true gamers paradise that promotes new, hyped and even unknown games. They cater to the gamer who wants to be engrossed in game, not to the ones who just want to spend 15 minutes playing capture the flag.

Image credit: Joshua Livingston on Flickr


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